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The Department of Agricultural Extension is playing a multipurpose role in the provision of need-based and demand-based knowledge, serving as a bridge between research and farming community. The program is envisioned to improve the skills of graduates by applying innovative educational and training programs to prepare them for future challenges and opportunities in the dynamic field of agriculture. We are committed to enable students in developing a wide knowledge of extension to further develop critical learning and transferable skills for the farming community, employment, or further study.


The department envisions a world where sustainable agriculture and rural development are achieved through innovative and evidence-based approaches that empower farmers and rural communities. Key areas of our vision: • Striving to be a leading Center of Excellence in Agricultural Extension and Rural Studies • Aspiring to produce graduates who are capable of addressing the challenges facing farmers and rural communities in a rapidly changing world • Aspiring to produce students who are committed to lifelong learning, critical thinking and community engagement • Striving to be a catalyst of change in agriculture and rural development through collaboration at national and international level • Striving to produce leaders of tomorrow at national and international levels


The department is committed to produce high-quality graduates who are equipped with the knowledge, skills and attitudes to promote sustainable agriculture and rural development in the region. Key areas of our mission statement: • To provide innovative and practical learning opportunities to students to address the complex challenges facing farmers, Extension field staff and rural community • To teach, conduct research and community engagement are the keys for our success • Committed to provide creative and learning environment that fosters critical thinking, collaboration and lifelong learning

Degree Programs

Our diverse and varied degree programs are designed to uplift research aptitude and instill skill based knowledge to cater the needs of job market.



At UOS we are proud of our accomplishments. Together, faculty, students and staff contribute to create an amazing experience. Here are just a few reasons why UOS is the top varsity in the province of Punjab, Pakistan.




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Research Publications


Our innovation in research is the true reflection of our distinguishing position as a higher education institution. We provide a pathway to our faculty and research scholars to bridge together laboratory research, commercial potential, and solution-focused innovation.

Faculty Members

Our resourceful faculty, efficient in providing opportunities for research and mentoring, is devoted to enrich the institutional heritage of quality education, thus, creating a substantial academic experience for the students.

Our People

Living and working across the globe in myriad professional positions, our alumni are torchbearers of the integrity of our institution as well as an inspiration for the generations of students at Sargodha University.

“I am lucky enough to be a graduate of the Department of Agricultural Extension and successfully serving in the private sector through the application of knowledge and instructions I received from the competent faculty of the department. ”

Muhammad Bilawal
Masters Agri. Extension (2017-19)

“I am happy to be graduated from the department of Agri. Extension. I feel confident to be equipped with the trends in the area of agriculture that can ensure my success in my career. ”

Mujahid Karim
Masters (2015-17)

“I would like to state that my learning experience in the Department of Agricultural Extension is tremendous. Research work, formal education and outreach activities are grooming the best in me and I feel more confident, creative and enthusiastic when it comes to the professional setting.”

Muhammad Umer Mehmood
MSc (Hons) Agricultural Extension (2018-21)

“It is a pleasure to be part of this department. Well-qualified teachers are imparting knowledge particularly related to farming community development. Well-equipped audio-video interactive lab is a big source of learning for students to gain innovative skills useful for extension and advisory services.”

Muhammad Adnan
MSc (Hons) Agricultural Extension (2018-20)