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The Job Placement Office is primarily established to produce better employee and employer relations using the potential of students and graduates of Sargodha University. We impart a certain set of skills and tools in the students that they need to prosper within an organization and help the students and graduates to find internships and jobs. We provide impartial and confidential advice and equally treat all students with respect regardless of gender, religion, family status, disability, socio-economic background or any other factor.
Each year diverse organizations are invited to participate in job fairs, symposiums and seminars, where students and graduates of the University get a chance to interact with representatives of private/public sector organizations.


To provide the most effective, efficient, and generous employment opportunities to our graduates.


Our mission is to serve as a bridge between graduates of university and organizations for well-judged career opportunities and decisions through the inculcation of market-oriented skills in students which enhance their creativity and enable them in finding unique positions in the future.

Our Services


Coordinate job placement opportunities for students and actively solicit job opportunities using all possible avenues. Solicit and coordinate opportunities for on-campus interviews.


Communicate with firms for Summer/Winter internship programs.


Sign MOU's and agreements with national/multinational organizations. Organize job fairs and bridging relationships with Alumni.


Phone: 048-9230392