Start-up Research Grants

Principal Investigator Co-Principal Investigator Project Title Department Funding Agency Amount Duration Status
Dr. Muhammad Asif Lecturer (Agronomy) Joining: 30-06-2016 Dr. M. Ehsan Safdar Assistant Professor Agronomy Reducing herbicide dose for effective control of Parthenium hysterophorus L. in forage sorghum by using allelopathic plant extract Agriculture College HEC 500,000.00 6 months Submitted
Dr. Saima Qadeer Assistant Professor, Zoology Joining: 21-12-16 Dr. Sajida Batool Assistant Professor, Zoology Efficiency of L-carnitine supplementation on cryopreservation of Nili-Ravi Buffalo bull semen Zoology, Sub-Campus Mianwali HEC 493,710.00 12 months Approved
Dr. Rushda Fatima Assistant Professor, Entomology Prof. Dr. Muhammad Afzal Comparative effect of different plant oil treated woods on feeding preferences of subterranean termites in distrct Sargodha Agriculture College HEC 472,800.00 ---- Approved
Dr. Muhammad Kashif Hanif Assistant Professor Dr. Muhammad Irfan Assistant Professor Screening and molecular characterization of bio-inoculant for late blight of potato (Solanum tuberosum L.) Biotechnology HEC 500,000.00 08 months Approved
Dr. Syed Zakir Hussain Shah Assistant Professor Dr. Muhammad Irfan Associate Professor Role of rosemary oil in the enhancement of rohu quality during refrigerated storage Zoology HEC 475,000.00 09 months Approved
Dr. Muhammad Mansoor Javaid Assistant Professor Prof. Dr. Muhammad Afzal (NSLP) Improving dry land agriculture productivity through innovative rain-harvesting farming system in rain-fed areas of pakistan Agriculture College PSF 5,860,176.00 36 months Submitted
Dr. Hina Safdar Assistant Professor Prof. Dr. Zafar Iqbal Reproductive potential of native species of entomopathogenic nematodes for lepidopterous insect pests of vegetables Plant Pathology, UCA HEC 500,000.00 09 months Approved
Dr. Masood Afzal Assistant Professor Chemistry (Mianwali) Prof. Dr. Ashraf Shaheen Phytochemical and biological studies of selected medicnal plants of district mansehra Chemistry HEC 490,000.00 09 months Approved
Dr. Nazimah Maqbool Assistant Professor Lyalpur Campus, Fsd Dr. Farrukh Javed Salinity induced histological deformations in root of sugarcane Botany ---- ---- 12 months Approved
Dr. Hazrat Ali Assistant Professor Prof. Dr. Ashraf Shaheen Comparative study of adsorption of dyes onto different modified biosorbents and activated carbon Chemistry HEC ---- 475,000.00 Approved
Dr. Qaisar Rana Assistant Professor Institute of Food Science & Nutrition Prof. Dr. Sarfraz Hussain Cardiovascular disease and dietary intake among people of Sargodha, Pakistan Food Science ---- 493,550.00 08 months Submitted
Dr. Syed Aftab Alam Mianwali Sub-Campus ---- گذشتہ نصف صدی میں پردہ سے متعلق کتب کے جمع کا تحقیقی و تبصراتی منصوبہ (برصغیر میں 1960سے2010تک) Chemistry HEC 331,000.00 8-9 months Approved
Dr. Hamid Saeed Shah Assistant Professor Anti-diabetic, anti-cancer and anti-leishmanial activities of thymoquinone nano-vesicular niosomes Pharmacy HEC 500,000.00 8 months Submitted