International Centre for Punjab Studies


Besides the need for public recognition of the strategic importance of the Punjab region in the world, the following are the multiple urgent reasons which laid the foundation of ICPS:

Introduce Punjab Studies

A predominant majority of young Punjabis pursuing higher education, either opt for applied sciences or other professional degrees. Although, they contribute to society's technocrats' pool, hence diminishing the community's cultural and social heritage. To divert many of our bright young men and women towards arts and social sciences related to Punjab and develop their interest in Punjab studies, ICPS would be a greater source of inspiration for them. It would inculcate a strong sense of ownership and belongingness among our youth to study Punjab and appreciate the diversity of our homeland's inheritance.

Facilitate Policy Making

Contemporary Punjab society is facing numerous issues pertaining to its changing demography, emerging unemployment, and problems in the agrarian sector including environmental decay of farmlands, deteriorating underground water-level leading to reduced productivity, adverse peasant-landlord relations, and changing federal-state financial transactions, which are not being addressed by academics from universities of Pakistan. To bring above-mentioned policy issues in limelight, setting up of a centre has become imperative.  

Combat Extremism

To combat the growing wave of religious extremism and to promote tolerance and patience towards the marginalized segment of society, the establishment of the centre has become the dire need of time. The centre will undertake an academic, objective and scientific study of these threats for the formulation of counter-strategies against them.