International Centre for Punjab Studies


The centre for excellence ICPS intends to achieve the following core objectives, providing the rationale for its establishment:

  1. To counter extremist ideologies, the centre will encourage cultural and historical studies including Sufi Poetry
  2. To establish partnerships with national and international institutes, which will provide scholarships to the students for Punjab studies.
  3. To open avenues for research and scholarly activities on Punjabi folklore, epics, oral history, cultural studies, Punjabi language and literature by organizing conferences and offering fellowships.
  4. To conduct research on impacts of Punjab's socio-economic policies, rural & urban divide, and future policy framework in line with the CPEC and OBOR connectivity vision.
  5. To promote inter and intra-provincial harmony through research projects analysing the archaeological elements of Harappa, Mohenjo-Daro and ancient civilizations.
  6. To collect manuscripts, rare prints of Punjabi language and new editions of all the publications by orientalists for research, compilation and editing.