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The Department of Pharmacy at the University of Sargodha was established in 2003, later evolving into the Faculty of Pharmacy in 2009. Subsequently, in 2018, the institution further progressed to become the College of Pharmacy. Dedicated to foster a dynamic learning environment, the College of Pharmacy serves as an inspiring hub for education, research, and professional development. The College of Pharmacy has a distinguished faculty comprising 24 PhD and 10 M Phil members who are deeply committed to cultivating the intellectual growth of students. With a unique blend of academic expertise and industry experience, faculty members prioritize imparting knowledge, nurturing critical thinking, and mentoring students to emerge as leaders in the pharmacy field. The Pharm D program offered by the College of Pharmacy has been accredited from the Pakistan Pharmacy Council and Higher Education Commission (HEC). Furthermore, HEC approved Pharm D curriculum has been followed in College of Pharmacy. Since 2003, approximately 1900 students have successfully completed the Pharm-D degree from the College of Pharmacy. Currently, the College of Pharmacy provides a comprehensive range of programs, including Pharm-D (5 years program), M Phil (2 years program) in Pharmaceutics, Pharmacology, Pharmacy Practice, and Pharmaceutical Chemistry, and PhD (3 years program) in Pharmaceutics and Pharmacology. The College offers state-of-the-art facilities, including well-equipped laboratories, a specialized library, and collaborative spaces, to enhance the immersive learning experience for students. The College of Pharmacy boasts a vibrant research spectrum, publishing over 100 articles in HEC-recognized W category Journals. Pharmaceutics research pioneers’ breakthroughs in drug delivery systems and formulation design, poised to revolutionize therapeutic interventions. In pharmaceutical chemistry, the focus is on medicinal chemistry, novel compound synthesis, and exploring molecular mechanisms. Committed to applied research in pharmacy practice, the College aims to refine patient care, assess healthcare outcomes, and integrate technology into pharmaceutical services. Pharmacology research unravels intricate drug-biological system interactions, elucidating pharmacokinetic and pharmacodynamic principles to facilitate the development of safer and more efficacious therapeutic agents.


The College of Pharmacy at the University of Sargodha aims to be a global leader in pharmaceutical education, research, and healthcare innovation. We prioritize research and innovation, encouraging impactful contributions to address healthcare issues


To prepare pharmacy graduates whose scientific knowledge and skills enable them to work with the standard to ensure the quality in the design, manufacture, distribution and safe & effective use of pharmaceuticals in the society and clinical setting

Degree Programs

Our diverse and varied degree programs are designed to uplift research aptitude and instill skill based knowledge to cater the needs of job market.



At UOS we are proud of our accomplishments. Together, faculty, students and staff contribute to create an amazing experience. Here are just a few reasons why UOS is the top varsity in the province of Punjab, Pakistan.




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Research Publications


Our innovation in research is the true reflection of our distinguishing position as a higher education institution. We provide a pathway to our faculty and research scholars to bridge together laboratory research, commercial potential, and solution-focused innovation.

Faculty Members

Our resourceful faculty, efficient in providing opportunities for research and mentoring, is devoted to enrich the institutional heritage of quality education, thus, creating a substantial academic experience for the students.

Our People

Living and working across the globe in myriad professional positions, our alumni are torchbearers of the integrity of our institution as well as an inspiration for the generations of students at Sargodha University.

“I am working as in-charge of Narcotics section at Punjab Forensic Science Agency, Pakistan since 2017. Earlier I worked as Forensic scientist for six years. I am also associate member of American society of forensic scientist and reginal representative of Pakistan at International Association of Forensic Toxicology. I also had the honor to represent Pakistan in Reginal meeting of UNODC at Tashkent-Uzbekistan. Elsewhere, I proudly introduce myself as graduate of College of Pharmacy, UOS. In a nutshell, if someone is looking for the best of carrier in the field of Pharmacy, I see no option other than College of Pharmacy, UOS.”

Muhammad Taimoor Chaudary at UOS
Pharm-D, M.Phil Pharmaceutics,

“University of Sargodha is a great place to learn the best professional and academic studies as well as a great platform for talented students to polish their abilities by taking part in various co-curricular activities throughout the academic year. The teachers are brilliant in teaching all the modern day subjects and having expertise from world famous universities. University has a positive and supportive environment along with a broad array of subjects for students, which ultimately, cultivate and enhance their hidden potentials to prepare themselves for challenges of future. ”

Rida Iyas at UOS
Pharm-D College of Pharmacy

“I owe my institute, what I am today is due to the generosity of College of Pharmacy, UOS. I feel myself more confident and polished to enter in my professional life. I found it better than my expectations, classes were always interesting, stimulating and thought provoking and at the same time challenging. I am really thankful to the teachers for being so supportive and friendly. It is hard to believe this beautiful journey is coming to an end now and, true to claim, it is the most learned period of my life that has fully transformed me. I wish my institute to flourish by leaps and bounds.”

Zainab Shahid at UOS
Pharm-D, College of Pharmacy,

“Going to College of Pharmacy has really made a big difference in my life. I had a great experience and best moments of my 5 years journey here. Things taught here are not merely the education but also the means to get some hands-on practical experience.”

Shamas Ali at UOS
Pharm-D, College of Pharmacy