Directorate of External Linkages

List of MoUs & IOCs

Sr. NoUniversity/Institute/Organization



1Islamabad International University17.07.2023MoU Signed
2COMSTECH (Organization of Islamic Cooperation Standing Committee on Scientific & Technology Cooperation)25.07.2023MoU Signed

Inclusive Development Foundation, Kazakhstan


COMSTECH, Islamabad

03.08.2023IOC Signed
4International Special Economic Zone Pvt Ltd, Pakistan09.08.2023IOC Signed
5Sheyang Urban Construction University, China09.08.2023IOC Signed
6Liaoning Communication University, China09.08.2023IOC Signed
7Kampala University, Uganda27.08.2023IOC Signed
8Sichuan Electric Vocational & Technical College, China23.09.2023IOC Signed
9Kohsar University, Murree04.11.2023MoU Signed
10Emerson University, Multan04.11.2023MoU Signed
11Muhammad Nawaz Sharif University of Engineering & Technology, Multan04.11.2023MoU Signed
12University of Sahiwal, Sahiwal04.11.2023MoU Signed

Beijing An Sheng Universal Technology Development Co. Ltd, China

Yongtai Automation Engineering (Shandong) Co. Ltd, China

26.11.2023IOC Signed
14DuA Children (Assistance for uplift & Development) Islamabad28.11.2023MoU Signed
15Universiti Sains, Malaysia Under Progress
16Universiti of Putra, Malaysia Under Progress
17International University of Chabahar, Iran Under Progress
18Hydrocarbon Development Institute of Pakistan16.01.24MoU Signed
19Goldensun Petroleum Services & Technology Under Progress
20Key Laboratory of Plant Immunity, College of Plant Protection, Nanjing Agricultural University, China29.11.2023IOC Signed
21Discover Pakistan Under Progress