Career Development Center


Career Development Center helps students in mapping their potentials and interests and developing their career path accordingly by fostering the environment of resourcefulness, creativity and decision making. We are committed to provide opportunities to our students to explore and select academic programs and career zones, add and reflect upon career-related experiences, develop professional traits and essential skills for workplace success.

Visit CDC for

  1. Orientation and guidance services for new entrants to acquaint them with the University life
  2. Educational and occupational information services
  3. Cultivating personality traits
  4. Identification of transferable skills that employers are looking for
  5. Enhancement of confidence
  6. Transformation of theoretical knowledge into practical experience
  7. Advisory services for international scholarships
  8. Resume writing and interview skills
  9. Soft skills development
  10. Provision of Digital technology enabling platforms
  11. Enrichment of skills for professional growth
  12. Exploration of  professional horizon  during academic life
  13. Engraftment of career path taking into consideration aptitude, skills and area of interest
  14. Navigation of professional domains where values complement interests
  15. A platform to involve in efforts to become responsible citizens
  16. Engaging in experiential process of learning
  17. Trainings to help search for jobs and other opportunities through traditional and non-traditional search engines
  18. Trainings on professionalism, critical thinking, decision making, time management, task prioritization responsible citizenship and leadership
  19. Facilitation in selecting potential majors and careers
  20. Empowerment to take responsibility for career development
  21. Learning opportunities to explore hidden talents, potentials and leadership skills
  22. Integration of the academic experience with workplace
  23. Getting a competitive edge in the job market
  24. Preparation of smooth transition from students to working employees
  25. Exposure about diverse available opportunities of learning and capacity building
  26. Making global interaction and exposure to students through technology
  27. Events related to job, capacity building and complete application packages for international scholarships