Directorate of Student Affairs


Directorate of Student Affairs is also responsible for the maintenance of discipline within the Campus. This directorate makes the necessary arrangements to implement the following codes of discipline.

No student shall:

  1. Utter, do, or propagate, anything repugnant to Islam within and outside the precincts of the University / College;
  2. Say or do anything which might adversely affect the honor and prestige or Pakistan, or University and teachers and his/her educational institution:
  3. Smoke in the Classroom, Laboratory, Workshop, Library and Examination Hall;
  4. Form, or associate with an Organization / Society / Club, or any other body, promoting caste distinctions and inciting parochial/linguistic/regional feeling;
  5. Organize, or hold any function within the precincts of the University except in accordance with the prescribed rules and regulations;
  6. Collect money or receive donations or pecuniary assistance for or on behalf of the University or any University organization except with the written permission of the Syndicate;
  7. Stage, incite, or participate in, a walkout, strike or any other form of agitation which might create or is likely to create law and order problem for the University and affect or is likely to affect its smooth functioning;
  8. Indulge in immoral activities, use of indecent language, wearing immodest dress, make indecent remarks, jokes or gestures or behave in an improper manner;
  9. Cause disturbance to others;
  10. Disturb peace and tranquility of the Institution;
  11. Keep or carry weapons, narcotics, immoral or submissive literature; and
  12. Use of disrespectful or abusive language or resort to violence against a fellow student or employee of the University.

The case is referred to a Discipline Committee when a student is involved in violation of University rules.