I am currently working as Assistant Professor, Department of Economics, University of Sargodha (Punjab) Pakistan. I have four research publication, two policy briefs and one as contributing author to a chapter of a book (HKH region). I worked with academic and development organizations in-and-outside Pakistan (Institute of Policy Studies, Islamabad and University of Bath, UK as a research fellow). I have good hands in analytical skills in the broader fields of Food Security and Nutrition Security, Public Health, Public Policies, Institutional Economics, Supply Chain, Agriculture & Environmental Economics, Development Economics and Poverty. My teaching philosophy is based on three key pillars; generate a thinking process by encouraging students to raise questions and sensitize them to deep thinking for wisdom; mobilize passion for learning among students and translate information into wisdom (theory into an application). Moreover, my teaching philosophy facilitates the learners to learn new ideas by following the spiritual path based on Divine and demonstrated wisdom. Philosophy is the combination of ‘Philo’ and ‘Sophy’. Philo means ‘love’ and Sophy means ‘wisdom. Therefore, philosophy means love for wisdom.


Year Degree Board / University
2021 PhD. Economics -- (Doctorate Degree) Arid Agriculture University Rawalpindi
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