International Conference on Emerging Issues of Information Landscape (ICEIL-2019)

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International Conference on Emerging Issues of Information Landscape (ICEIL-2019)

A two-day international conference on “Emerging Issues of Information Landscape” held at the University of Sargodha on February 28, 2019 to build, connect and sustain libraries and societies in this digital era.

The event was jointly organized by the Department of Library and Information Sciences (LIS), Sargodha University, Pakistan Library Association (PLA) Punjab and the Higher Education Commission of Pakistan.

The conference aimed at providing an opportunity for LIS professionals to initiate a discourse around changing scenarios of information sector and to determine a way forward for LIS community in Pakistan.

The discussion was organized around three themes, including Information Education, Information Literacy and Information Services. Corresponding to these themes, the program of the conference was divided into three technical sessions, apart from opening and closing sessions.

More than 50 national and international research scholars and LIS professionals shared their articles and poster presentations during the conference.

Addressing the occasion via video-conference, Dr Michael Seadle from Humboldt University, Germany stressed on extending information services from mere document to participatory information advisory service, perceive users problems and work at hand, identify reasons and motivation for information search and providing possible prescriptive knowledge giving due regard to the value system and culture.

Dr Asim Qayyum from Charles Sturt University, Australia shared his thoughts on “Moving beyond information and knowledge to wisdom in information landscapes.” He emphasized on the importance of incorporating wisdom in the daily and routine work of information professionals, and to highlight the importance of the community and stakeholders in any project.

Dr Khalid Mahmood, President, PLA (Punjab) addressing the inaugural ceremony said that the conference will sensitize stake holders about the challenges of ever changing and evolving landscape of “information.” It will provide a platform to reflect upon the methods information professionals use to engage with emerging digital technology. The conference will be packed with informative talks, professional networking and exchange of ideas among national and international delegates, he added.

Dr Haroon Idrees, Chairman, Department of Library and Information Sciences, Sargodha University said that the conference will prove itself in providing fresh insights into the emerging interdisciplinary discourse of information management. Traditional libraries cannot meet the requirements of fast information delivery and knowledge communication needs of the knowledge society. We must have to quickly adopt new ideas that offer our professionals opportunities for more learning and training to boost services for the society and more convenience to user communities, he added.

The opening day of the conference followed by a cultural night which served the purpose of introducing Pakistani culture and society to the foreign delegates for improving better relationship between Pakistani LIS professionals and their counterparts in other countries.