UoS distributes Rs. 22 Million among the 269 faculty members for their outstanding research work

Published On: 6 Jun 2024


Sargodha, June 6, 2024.University of Sargodha has distributed an amount of Rs.22 million among the 269 faculty members for their outstanding research work during a calendar Year here on Thursday. 
A formal prize distribution ceremony to honor the researchers and to celebrate the graduation of the first cohort from Waheed Wain Incubation Center was organized at MFKNBS Hall.

Prof. Dr. Saeed Akbar from University of Bradford, UK, was the chief guest. The VC UoS, Prof. Dr. Qaisar Abbas, Pro VC UoS, Prof. Dr. Mian Ghulam Yassin, Director ORIC Prof. Dr. Ahmad Raza Bilal,deans, faculty members, chairpersons, researchers and graduates attended the ceremony.

The event aimed to acknowledge the hard work and dedication of the university’s faculty members who have made significant contributions for quality research to their respective fields.

While addressing the ceremony, Prof. Dr. Saeed Akbar said that research is the cornerstone of innovation and progress of any institution, by recognizing and rewarding researchers, we not only acknowledge their hard work but also inspire future generations to pursue excellence in their scholarly endeavors.

He further added that if Sargodha University continues its research efforts I hope it will soon be among the top 10 in Pakistan.

Prof. Dr. Qaisar Abbas congratulated the faculty members and graduates on their achievements. WWIC is providing aspiring entrepreneurs with essential resources, including mentorship, funding opportunities, and workspace. He also appreciated the researchers and emphasized the importance of research for academic excellence and institutional development.

He further added that our university has published 1300 research papers this year which include 780 impact factor research papers.
UoS also registered 10 trademarks, 10 contract awards, and 5 consultancy awards this year, he concluded.