UoS Holds Photography Exhibition in Connection With World Labour Day

Published On: 30 Apr 2024


Sargodha,30 April 2024.The Institute of Arts and Design organized a photography and videography exhibition in connection with World Labour Day here at University of Sargodha.

Pro Vice Chancellor UoS Prof. Dr. Mian Ghulam Yasin inaugurated the exhibition held at Zubeida Agha Art Gallery which showcased a diverse range of photographs capturing the essence of labour and its significance in shaping society.

Prof. Dr. Mian Ghulam Yasin emphasized the importance of recognizing the contributions of labourers in building a prosperous society.

He also said that labor rights are fundamental human rights, and it's incumbent upon all of us to ensure that every worker is treated with respect, dignity, and fairness.

Faculty members and students from the Institute of Arts and Design UoS highlighted the department's commitment to using art as a medium for social commentary and advocacy.

The exhibition served as a platform to raise awareness about labour rights and to show solidarity with the working class.