University of Sargodha Organizes Seminar on Cyber Crime Awareness among Youth

Published On: 15 Apr 2024


Sargodha, 15 April, 2024.The Faculty of Computing and Information Technology and the Department of Sociology and Criminology at the University of Sargodha organized a one-day seminar on the topic of "The Role of Educational Institutions in Preparing Youth Against Threats of Cyber Crime."
The Seminar was attended by distinguished guests including Prof. Dr. Mian Ghulam Yaseen, Pro Vice Chancellor University of Sargodha, District Police Officer Faisal Kamran, Director IT Prof. Dr. Muhammad Illyas, and Lecturer Department of Information Technology, Waseem Ahmed and a large number of students.
Addressing the seminar, Prof. Dr. Mian Ghulam Yaseen highlighted the rapid societal changes brought about by information technology and the concerning negative impacts emerging as a result. He emphasized the need for heightened awareness among the youth regarding the risks posed by cyber crimes and the importance of equipping them with the necessary skills to combat cyber security challenges.
Furthermore, he stressed the responsibility of young students to educate the general public about cyber security risks, thereby contributing to a safer digital environment. He also emphasized the importance of updating curricula to include information on emerging cyber security threats and empowering students to mitigate these risks through social engineering and IT expertise.
He also emphasized the positive transformational potential of technology for economic development and cautioned against its misuse for malicious purposes. He lauded the exemplary role of law enforcement agencies in combating cyber crimes and called for collective efforts from all segments of society.
District Police Officer Faisal Kamran highlighted the emergence of new forms of crimes in the digital age, including data theft, fraud, and cyber terrorism, and stressed the need for a coordinated response from educational institutions and law enforcement agencies to address these challenges effectively.
Prof. Dr. Muhammad Illyas stressed on the need for society to adapt to the rapid technological advancements and emphasized the critical role of education in equipping individuals with the skills to navigate the evolving cyber landscape.
Waseem Ahmed shed light on the fundamental issues of cyber security and discussed strategies for mitigating these threats.