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Title Date Action
Kinship Fee Concession Form 15-09-2022 Download
  Application For The Time Limit Extension (LLM/MSc(Hons)MS/MPhil/PhD Students) 02-09-2020 Download
Announcement for the Ehsaas UG Scholarship Awardees 13-06-2020 Download
List of Awardees for Ehsaas Undergraduate Scholarship Project 13-06-2020 Download
Student Deed of Agreement 13-06-2020 Download
HEC Need Base Scholarship Application Form 08-06-2021 Download
Fee Concession Application Form 12-10-2022 Download
Fee Refund Form 03-01-2018 Download
Application Form For Bus Card (For Students Only) 03-11-2017 Download
Wi-Fi Internet Access Form For Students 04-10-2017 Download