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We, at the Department of Zoology, instill the fundamental as well as an advanced understanding of the diverse, ecological and organismal biology of different animal species. We aim to open gateways to learn the techniques of preserving the diverse existence of life on the planet. The scientific knowledge about the evolutionary trend of life, leading the students to explore the cellular basis of life, is vital as it takes us back to the ancestors by breakthrough studies on life with substantial relevance to the modern era.


Our vision is to prepare well educated personals with inventive knowledge and research abilities
that makes valuable contribution in society.


  • To provide knowledge and skills about animals through advance teaching methodologies in relevance to local and global needs.
    To explore the natural resources and serve the society.
    To be recognized at national and international platform for teaching, learning and research through multidisciplinary linkages.

Degree Programs

Our diverse and varied degree programs are designed to uplift research aptitude and instill skill based knowledge to cater the needs of job market.



At UOS we are proud of our accomplishments. Together, faculty, students and staff contribute to create an amazing experience. Here are just a few reasons why UOS is the top varsity in the province of Punjab, Pakistan.




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Research Publications


Our innovation in research is the true reflection of our distinguishing position as a higher education institution. We provide a pathway to our faculty and research scholars to bridge together laboratory research, commercial potential, and solution-focused innovation.

News & Updates

The campus remains abuzz with literary and scholarly events to keep our energetic youth engaged in debates and discussion stimulating critical thinking

Faculty Members

Our resourceful faculty, efficient in providing opportunities for research and mentoring, is devoted to enrich the institutional heritage of quality education, thus, creating a substantial academic experience for the students.

Our People

Living and working across the globe in myriad professional positions, our alumni are torchbearers of the integrity of our institution as well as an inspiration for the generations of students at Sargodha University.

“Our department believes in development of skills in students to become analytical scientists, teachers and field workers. ”

MSC (2009-11)

“8 years back when I took admission in M.Sc Zoology, I had never thought of meeting and learning from the wonderful faculty of Department of Zoology at SU. It provided us with the best of knowledge and experience which was then possible with in the limited facilities. I can never forget my teachers because they not only taught Zoology but also the lifelong lessons beyond the class room lectures.”

Faiza Shafqat at Commerce & Trade Group
M.Sc. Zoology (2011-13) CSS 2016

“Department of Zoology with its diverse and enthusiastic faculty members strives to awaken an awareness of the need to explore, understand and conserve animal diversity.”

PhD scholar (2019-21)

“I have been studying for five years in this prestigious department and I experienced an environment full of opportunities of learning with a broader vision. Teachers are highly qualified and committed to their work along with social and moral grooming of students. The atmosphere is peaceful and student friendly that allows the students to interact with fellows and faculty in a convenient way. Once you enter this realm it provides you air full of enjoyment and chance to fill your slots with unforgettable memories.”

Fareeda Tahir
M. Phil scholar (2018-2020)