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Welcome to the Department of Linguistics and Language Studies! Delve into the fascinating world of language with us. Our vibrant community of linguists, scholars, and language enthusiasts invites you to explore the richness of linguistic inquiry. At the heart of our department is a commitment to academic excellence and a passion for understanding the complexities of human communication. Whether you're a prospective student, researcher, or language aficionado, our website serves as a gateway to diverse programs, cutting-edge research, and a supportive community. Join us in the exploration of language's intricate beauty. We look forward to sharing the journey with you!


Our vision at the Department of Linguistics and Language Studies (DLLS) is to be a global leader in advancing linguistic knowledge, fostering academic excellence, and promoting cultural understanding through language exploration. We envision a dynamic community where innovative research, diverse perspectives, and interdisciplinary collaboration thrive. Committed to inclusivity, we aim to celebrate and respect linguistic diversity. Our vision extends beyond academia, aiming to actively engage with communities, raising awareness about the transformative power of language. Through our collective efforts, we aspire to shape the future of linguistic inquiry, contribute significantly to societal understanding, and empower individuals with the profound insights gained from studying language. Welcome to a visionary linguistic journey!


The Department of Linguistics and Language Studies (DLLS) is dedicated to the pursuit of excellence in understanding and studying language, fostering intellectual exploration and innovation. Our core values include scholarly excellence, diversity, community engagement, student-centered education, and a commitment to interdisciplinary approaches. We actively promote an inclusive environment, welcoming individuals from diverse backgrounds. Our mission extends beyond academia, engaging with communities to raise linguistic awareness. Committed to providing students with a comprehensive education, we equip them with the skills for a lifelong understanding of language. As a global leader, we envision shaping the future of linguistic inquiry and contributing significantly to the broader understanding of language. Welcome to a space where minds are empowered, and the intricate beauty of language is explored.



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