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Name Code Programs
Oriental College Near Central Jail, Main Jarranwala Road, Faisalabad Ph: 041-8740182-3, 0300-7671752 323
  Ext: ADP (Arts    Science) BS(English    CS)    Add: B.Ed
Royal College of Science Circular Road, Narowal. Ph: 0542-411600, 0336-7772666 283
  Ext: ADP (Arts    Science) BS(English    Mathematics    Zoology    Physics    Chemistry)
I.L.M College of Commerce Shadab Colony Main General Bus Stand, Chak No. 46 NB, Sargodha. Ph: 048-3224406, 0321-6044203 95
  Ext: ADP (Arts    Science    Commerce) BS (Physics    Botany    English    CS    Mathematics    Chemistry    Zoology)
Government Associate College Sillanwali District Sargodha. Ph:048-6532051, 0301-6732142 10
  Ext: ADP (Arts & Science)
Government Associate College for boys, 47 MB, Khushab Ph: 0454-732073 New
  New: ADP (Arts & Science)
Government College for Women Farooq Colony Sargodha Ph: 048-9230600, 0305-6414589, 0302-5891380 3
  Ext: ADP (Arts    Science)    ADP (Mass Comm)    ADP (IT)
Punjab College of Science 2-KM, Main Mianwali Road, Jauharabad, District Khushab Ph: 0454-208300. 0321-9660424, 0454-739123-25, 0300- 6076053, 0301-3050403, 0300-4071181 345
  Ext: ADP (Arts    Science) BS (Mathematics    English) Add: BS (CS)
Superior College, 42-43, Block 20, Industrial Area, Civil Lines, Jauharabad. Ph: 0454-722695-6, 0332-7650632 490
  Ext: ADP (Arts    Science    Commerce) BS (English    Mathematics    CS    IT)
Punjab College for Boys Main Depal-Pur Road, Ellah Abad (Theeng Mor) Ph: 049-4751887-88, 0321-4589091, 0300-4746695 731
  Ext: ADP (Arts    Science)    BS (CS    Mathematics    English)    BS (Chemistry) Add: BS (Zoology)
Horizon Degree & Commerce College Near Shah Multani Bhoun Road, Chakwal Ph: 0543-667025, 667037, 667217, 0334-5373998, 0334- 1537830, 0333-5921252, 0333-1964239, 0300-5787447 660
  Ext: BS (English    Botany    Chemistry    Zoology    Physics    CS    IT    Mathematics    Psychology)    BBA Add: B.Ed
Superior College Garden Town, Sillanwali District Sargodha Ph: 048-6532107-8. 0300-0471136, 0300-8706044, 0300- 870600 647
  Ext: ADP (Arts    Science) BS (English    Math    Chemistry    IT    CS)
Government Associate College for Women Near Timber Market by pass Road, Darya Khan, District Bhakkar. Ph: 0453-222080, 222048 27
  Ext: ADP (Arts & Science)
Government Graduate College Jauharabad District Khushab. Ph: 0454-920041, 722866, 0333-6812302, 0321-6070680 22
  Ext: ADP (Arts. Science) BS (Economics    Political Science    Urdu) Add: BS (English)
Iqra Girls College Plot No 01, Chatha Town, Qainchi Mor, Lahore Road, Sargodha Ph: 048-3213192, 3221569, 0300-6056320, 0333-9524077 46
  Ext: ADP (Arts    Science    Commerce) BS(English    IT    Psychology    Education    Urdu    Math    Chemistry    Physics    CS)
Iqra College of Education, Plot No 02, Chatha Town, Qainchi Morr, Lahore Road, Sargodha. Ph: 0333-9524077, 048-3221569, 0300-6056320 761
  New: B.Ed