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Message from the Vice Chancellor

It is my great privilege to welcome you to Sargodha, the city of eagles and University of Sargodha (UOS). Sargodha University is one of the greatest higher education public sector universities in the Punjab province while sharing a rich historical legacy with an improved academic reputation and enhanced global impression.
Being located in agrarian land with more 24000 students from diverse backgrounds enrolled in more than 150 academic degree programs and a vibrant team of teaching and non-teaching staff members, Sargodha University has a great potential to contribute to the knowledge-based economy by producing professionals equipped with innovative and critical cognitive skills essential to compete in the global workforce. Sargodha University has made incremental progress in quality teaching, productive research, knowledge sharing and global outlook, whose outcome is reflected in its steady annual performance in the three premier ranking agencies of the world.
With the vision of transforming students through experiential learning and evidence-based knowledge, the University synergizes academia-industry linkages to integrate market-oriented skills in the curriculum and harness job-driven competencies among students. By strengthening departments and colleagues through faculty development programs, we strive hard to elevate the standards of education and promote research culture among students and faculty for improving the academic stature of the university and gaining remarkable departmental rank at the global level by prestigious international ranking agencies.
We believe in nurturing a conducive environment for the professional and intellectual growth of our students and faculty members through knowledge sharing platforms with the local and global scholar community. On behalf of the faculty and staff, I invite you to learn, explore and grow together with the community of University of Sargodha.

Prof. Dr. Saleem Mazhar

Vice Chancellor

News & Updates

The campus remains abuzz with literary and scholarly events to keep our energetic youth engaged in debates and discussion stimulating critical thinking.


The Syndicate shall be the executive body of the University and shall, subject to the provisions of this Ordinance and Statutes, take effective measures to raise the standard of teaching, research, technological development, publication and other academic pursuits and exercise general supervision over the affairs and management of the property of the University.


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